TREASURE Spring school in Paris

From April 24 to 26, the TREASURE project organizes a Spring school. It is an event organized by MOVEO Next Move, partner of the TREASURE consortium. This event was held in the Mama hotel in Paris, where different presentations and activities were carried out during the 3 days that the workshop lasted.

Some partners presented the work they have carried out during the TREASURE project, along with the results obtained from various activities. Additionally, private companies such as VALEO and FORBIA shared their current vision on circular economy and how they are preparing for the future by recycling specific components of vehicles.

The focus of the second day was a visit to Renault’s refactory fabric. A brief but very interesting explanation was provided before touring the different sections of the fabric. Finally, an activity on circular economy was conducted involving all attendees, emphasizing the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

The last day centered on a meeting of TREASURE partners held in the impressive building of the French Automobile Manufacturers Committee (known as CCFA in French). Sister projects to TREASURE were presented, and connections between companies and institutions were established, fostering potential future collaborations.