In this section you will discover the Standardization Toolkit:


The Standardization Toolkit, developed by the TREASURE project, is a comprehensive online database designed to simplify access to international and european standards (EN and ISO) relevant to circular economy strategies in the automotive sector. This dynamic tool, powered by Microsoft Power BI, provides an extensive list of national, European, and international standards, detailing key information such as standard numbers, URLs for document retrieval, titles, publication years, and scopes.

The Toolkit maps out 73 standards, including 61 current standards and 12 works in progress, overseen by prominent technical committees such as ISO and CEN. It covers crucial areas like life-cycle assessment, substance determination, and decision support frameworks, offering a valuable resource for stakeholders aiming to implement effective and sustainable practices.

Explore the Standardization Toolkit to stay informed about the latest standards and enhance your circular economy strategies.

Note: The standards retrieved from the Standardization Toolkit cannot be fully downloaded. The Toolkit serves to simplify the search for these standards and to provide an overview of what has been mapped during the TREASURE project’s standardization activities.

Access the Standardization Toolkit