Revolutionizing Automotive Sustainability: Highlights from the TREASURE Project Event

On November 17th, a groundbreaking event was organized by the TREASURE Project as part of the Satellite events during Raw Materials Week at Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. Aptly named “AUTOMOTIVE RAW MATERIAL CIRCULARITY: Challenges and Opportunities,” this gathering aimed to dive deep into the sustainability of vehicles, scrutinizing every facet from design to end-of-life recycling. The workshop drew together a consortium of experts, researchers, and technical professionals, injecting the session with invaluable insights. Kicking off the event, Paolo Rosa, the coordinator of the TREASURE Project at Politecnico di Milano, set the stage with an insightful presentation on the project’s objectives.

With an attendance of approximately 30 in-person participants and an additional 30 tuning in online, the event succeeded across diverse audiences. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to our esteemed speakers, enthusiastic attendees, and the tireless organizing team, whose dedication elevated this workshop to resounding success.

More information about this workshop is available in the attached document: Revolutionizing Automotive Sustainability. Highlights from the TREASURE Project Event