TREASURE was presented in a talk organized by IEEE Power & Energy Society Spanish Chapter.

On May 18, Roberto Rocca, phD invited our colleague Abel Ortego Bielsa from the Instituto Universitario de Investigación Mixto CIRCE – Universidad de Zaragoza to participate in a webinar organized by IEEE Power & Energy Society Spanish Chapter.

The talk was 60 minutes in length and was about the dependence on critical raw materials and the R&D&I activities to overcome it. In addition, the activities that TREASURE is developing in this regard were explained. It was geared toward power and energy professionals, engineers, policy makers, researchers, and individuals interested in the power industry.

Achieving a carbon-free global economy is of vital importance to avoid rising global temperatures and their fatal consequences for humanity. To achieve this goal, great strides are being made in the development of both renewable energies and cleaner vehicles. These advances towards cleaner cars and an energy mix based on renewable sources are leading to a renewal of both the fleet and the electrical system.

The presentation is available below.