TREASURE was presented in the event “Swiss logistics innovation day 2022”

On 8 November, the Swiss Logistics Innovation Day 2022 was held in Altdorf, Switzerland. The theme of the event was ‘Acting Responsibly: Energy Transition in Logistics’.

On this day, energy transition in logistics, impact investing, sustainable development goals, and zero net emissions were discussed. SUPSI participated in the event by presenting the TREASURE project, the Sustainability&Circularity Assessment Framework, and the Sustainability Advisory Methodology.

The importance of reintroducing the Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) contained in electronic products that reach end-of-life along with vehicles into the economic cycle was highlighted.

The application of circular principles such as the increased recovery of CRM through targeted and optimised eco-design, disassembly and recycling were mentioned as solutions, and the need for more effective communication between manufacturers and End of Life operators was indicated.

It was shown how, thanks to the IT solutions developed in TREASURE based on the assessment framework and advisory, it is possible to increase CRM recovery and improve collaboration between supply chain and value chain actors, while creating at the same time new End of Life supply chains.