Treasure was presented in the 36th ECOS International Conference named

The Treasure Project was presented at the 36th ECOS International Conference on the efficiency, cost, optimization, simulation, and environmental impact of energy systems. The conference took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, from June 25th to 30th. The Treasure Project was showcased during the poster session under the title ‘Exergy Cost Associated with Polymers Recycling in Vehicles: From Qualitative to Quantitative Indicators.’

Our colleagues, Sofia Russo and Ricardo Magdalena, were responsible for explaining the ongoing work in the Treasure Project, ranging from the characterization of the metal and plastic composition of car parts to the various recycling routes. In this specific case, the poster focused on the different plastics used in some cars. By considering the various types of plastics and their production energy, the most critical components in the analyzed vehicles were identified.

The poster generated significant interest among attendees, leading to inquiries about the applied methodology and the components identified as the most critical. One noteworthy outcome was the revelation of the extensive variety of plastics manufactured, with approximately 1000 different types of plastics counted.

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