TREASURE was presented at the International Automotive Recycling Congress IARC 2023.

From 21st to 23rd June 2023 Edgeryders conducted its Semantic Social Network Analysis (SSNA) research at the International Automotive Recycling Congress IARC 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland.

As part of a consortium researching the transition of the European automotive supply chain towards a circular future, Edgeryders presented the creation of a community-driven model of addressing social aspects related to circular design practices. Also Politecnico di Milano, the leader of the TREASURE consortium, spoke at the event about their research.

IARC is the international platform for discussing the latest developments and challenges in circular economy and automotive recycling. We bring together up to 300 decision-makers from the automotive and recycling sector, especially car manufacturers, metal suppliers, plastic scrap traders, recyclers, shredder operators, policy-makers and many more.

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