TREASURE was presented in’Exergy Assessment of Plastic Car Parts’ paper in the journal of Vehicles MDPI.

Our colleagues Alicia Valero Delgado, Abel Ortego Bielsa, Sofia Russo and Ricardo Magdalena Zarzuela from Instituto Universitario de Investigación Mixto CIRCE – Universidad de Zaragoza and Marta Iglesias Émbil from SEAT, S.A have recently published a scientific paper in the journal of Vehicles MDPI where thermodynamics are applied to identify the more critical plastic car parts.

Light-duty vehicles are increasingly incorporating plastic materials to reduce production costs and achieve lightweight designs. On average, a conventional car utilizes over 200 kg of plastic, comprising more than 23 different types, which often present challenges for recycling due to their incompatibility. Understanding the criticality of these car parts and their associated plastics enables targeted efforts in design, material selection, and end-of-life management to enhance recycling and promote circularity within the automotive industry. This work is part of the activities developed in the framework of TREASURE HORIZON 2020.

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