TREASURE was presented in a Holst Centre Innovation Day

Innovation Day is a day to show what innovations we are using to make life healthier and more vital for everyone. Because if the corona pandemic has made anything clear to us, it is how important these two elements are.

A day to learn from industry thought leaders and see how societal challenges meet the latest technologies. But above all a day to meet each other and exchange ideas. Be inspired by compelling speakers, see our latest innovations and get to know the experts behind them.

To keep us moving, there are several locations where we show our innovations. Via the so-called WorkWalks you can walk for live demonstrations of the innovations from the High Tech Campus Conference Center to the Workplace Vitality Hub, which opened last year, and the renewed Experience Centre in Holst Centre. Both are located on the grounds of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. We will conclude the day with a snack and a drink, with music and a surprising performance.

Our colleagues Stephan Harkema and Corné Rentrop were presenting and disseminating TREASURE activities in the event that was celebrated on 22nd June.