December 14th, partners from the TREASURE Project (ILSSA, UNIZAR and MOTORLAND, as well as SEAT, via online) were present in a meeting that took place in Motorland.

In a previous step of the project, UNIZAR selected a number of car parts according to their composition and amount of critical raw materials present in them. On the other side, ILSSA provided knowledge about dismantling vehicles, such as disassembly time, tools needed, how easy is to find and get a specific car part, etc. Combining both approaches and results, Motorland was selected as the place where the disassembling process was going to take place.

The meeting was carried out to establish the best approach for the disassembling process of the vehicles. Afterwards, all the partners visited the facilities where the cars are being disassembled, being able to see some car parts and components that had already been separated from the vehicles considered.