On February 25th, SEAT and UNIZAR visited ILSSA, which are leading the disassemblity levels according to the identification of critical car parts carried out by UNIZAR with the database provided by SEAT.

During the visit, all the facilities and machines were shown, as well as the different inputs and outputs of the company. ILSSA provided a deep explanation about what is being done in their facilities and how they treat all the material flows before and after being processed. Moreover, the type and final products that they obtain at the end of the process were also explained.

The aim os this visit was to establish the base case for activity 3.3 of the TREASURE project, analyzing the different output fractions: ferrous, non-ferrous (copper and aluminum fractions) and light fractions. These will be analyzed to determine the average composition of each fraction and thus compare current recovery percentages with optimal ones, calcuated during the development of the project.