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Ibai Santamaría


Walter Pack is a design and manufacturing company founded in 1992 with its head-office located in the Basque Country, a region in the north of Spain globally known for its industrial tradition.

Walter Pack began producing thermoformed plastic parts for a wide variety of industrial sectors, and has been taking over and building up around it a group of companies focused on the provision of comprehensive solution services and the manufacture of plastic parts, with the automotive industry being one of its main customers and the force behind all the company’s innovation processes.

Nowadays our core business is to supply decorative parts for the automotive, electronics and household appliances industries. As a worldwide expert in Film Insert Molding technology (FIM, a advanced process based on screen printing, thermoforming, trimming and backmolding of plastic foils), Walter Pack is currently developing plastronics technology, which besides state of the art decoration applications, it now incorporates functional electronics into the finished part. This adds functionality to the parts, and reduces both the cost of assembly processes and the space used by standard electronics.

As film technology experts in the automotive industry with experience in the field of In-Mold-Electronics, we have joined TREASURE to acquire sufficient knowledge in order to improve our product and process workflow from the circular economy perspective. Hence, during the project we will be mostly involved in the development of the demonstration action 3 (Assessing circular scenarios for car plastic components production) and as contributors in the definition of requirements and specifications.