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Prof. Francesco Vegliò

Dr. Nicolò Maria Ippolito


The University of L’Aquila (UNIVAQ) is a public teaching and research institution offering a full range of academic programs including biotechnologies, sciences, economics, engineering, education, humanities, medicine, psychology, and sport sciences. With 7 departments, the institution offers to over 18000 enrolled students 66-degree courses (divided between first and second level degrees), 8 research doctorate programs, specialization schools, specializing-master courses and vocational courses. Many members of its distinguished faculty of about 600 professors and researchers have received international recognition and are considered leaders in their fields of research.

The Laboratory of Integrated Treatment of Industrial Wastes and Wastewaters (RIF-IND) at the Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics, with Professor Francesco Vegliò as coordinator, is embedded in a high-level research environment, both Italian and international. The RIF-IND group is fully equipped to handle the complete hydrometallurgical process from spent catalyst and electrical and electronic equipment waste (WEEE).

UNIVAQ main task is to perform simulation and lab-scale activities for the recovery of materials from critical components of cars, selected with the industrial partners. Based on the obtained results the pre-existing hydrometallurgical pilot plant will be reconfigured, tests to optimize the process on pilot-scale and training activities will be carried out. UNIVAQ will be the leader in the exploitation, standardization, and business model activities. More in detail will define the exploitation routes for the commercialization of project results and will manage the IPR strategy.