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SUPSI is a Swiss university offering 30 Bachelor’s Degree and master’s degree courses to about 5500 students through a cutting-edge approach merging traditional theoretical education with practical training. Strong focus is given to research, carried out in key domains for EU competitiveness, and funded on acquired projects within European or National frameworks, reaching a research volume of 35M CHF (about 31M€) per year.

Within SUPSI, the research Institute of Systems and Technologies for Sustainable Production (ISTePS) participates in the TREASURE project through the laboratory Sustainable Production Systems (SPS). SPS holds the responsibility of the BSc in industrial engineering and of two Master Research Units within the Swiss-spread Master of Science in Engineering. SPS involves 37 employees combining education and research activities in several national and European research projects, reaching an average volume of 1M CHF research investment per year.

Since sustainability is a key element for manufacturing, both in terms of strategic challenge and as a trigger of new business opportunities, SPS has focused a significant share of its effort in supporting sustainability-driven innovation in manufacturing companies, starting from the development of sustainability-aware strategies, down to sustainability performance computation and analysis, and the identification of relevant manufacturing technologies for sustainable processes and products.

Manufacturing sustainability is holistically promoted through an integrated lifecycle vision in products, processes, manufacturing systems and value networks management.

The fulfilment of these goals is achieved through the development of human capital and the innovation of production systems and technologies by means of education activities at bachelor, master, and employment levels, as well as through research, development, and technology transfer activities with reference to the life cycle of products and industrial processes, in the fields of design, automation and management of production systems and the relative value chains.

Key research areas are manufacturing Sustainability, Supply Chain & Operations, Human-Centered Workplaces, Digital transformation of the companies.

Thanks to its experience in European Research Project, within TREASURE SUPSI is leading WP1 and T1.1 that are meant to result into a holistic reference architecture for the whole project dealing with framework, software and pilots. From the scientific point of view, it is targeting the development and the consolidation of the sustainability & circularity assessment and the advisory methodologies, leading T2.1 and T2.2. Applying its strong knowledge in the evaluation of the environmental and economic performances of products and production systems, it is moreover engaged in the development of the eco-design, dismantling and recycling modules (T4.4) that will integrate the Sustainability Assessment Application developed in previous European and national projects: SAM (Innosuisse) – MANUTELLIGENCE (H2020 proposal ID 636951) – MANUSQUARE (H2020 proposal ID 761145-2).