Main Contact

Dr. ir. Antoinette van Schaik


MARAS B.V. ( is  a consultancy company (founded in 2005), which provides technology-based system solutions and knowledge in the field of recycling and resources, sustainability and circular economy.

This consultancy company combines knowledge intensive consultancy, extensive industrial expertise with sound and industrial relevant research and a strong scientific background. This company performs projects for amongst others automotive and WEEE recycling industry (shredders, recyclers, metallurgical industries), automotive and electronics producing OEMs, governments, NGO’s and collective systems and waste and surface water industries.

MARAS’ work includes modelling and process simulation, large industry trials, recycling and recovery rate calculations and resource efficiency assessment of products and recycling systems/flowsheets, Design for Recycling and the development of the Recycling Index.

Within the TREASURE project, this partner will develop and apply innovative recycling process simulation tools to calculate recycling/recovery rates for recycling and disassembly routes as well as for the flexible electronics. MARAS will provide Recycling Labels to communicate the recycling performance and provide KPIs for the Eco-design tool.