Main Contact

Mrs. López Palacín, María

Mrs. López Olvés, Patricia

Mr. Liendo Ludueña, Marcelo

Mrs. Grana, Valentina

Mr. Calvo Sanjuan, Rubén

Mr. Diez Ferrer, Angel


The López Soriano Group is a group of Aragonese family businesses with an innovative vocation. From its origins back in the 1950s, until today with more than 40 facilities spread mainly throughout Aragon, today, to speak of López Soriano is to speak, above all, of Recycling, Environment and Valorisation. Industrias López Soriano, S.L. was established in 1974, with the purpose of collecting, recovering and classifying ferrous and non-ferrous waste for its subsequent sale to the steel industry and other finalist transformers.

The group’s activity has been related to the scrapping of industrial facilities, the wholesale recovery of scrap and metals from the light and heavy industry (automotive sector, white goods, brown lines, structures, flame cutting, electricity companies …) and the importation of scrap metal and metals from different countries.

We have been evolving and growing, responding to national environmental legal requirements, and we are currently authorized and equipped to treat all types of waste such as: VFUs, RAEEs, NFUs, etc. Reaching a high degree of separation, so that the final product is ready to be reintroduced into the industrial process, improving energy and economic costs in general. In Aragon, we are the Industrial Group that has four Authorized Centers for the treatment of End of Life Vehicles, two in Zaragoza, one in Huesca and one in Teruel, offering the widest range of CAT centers, including all types of vehicles, automobiles, light and heavy.

With our main activities, we favor to “complete the circle” of the life cycles of products, reducing waste to a minimum and providing benefits to the environment, the economy and society, promoting the use of resources in a more sustainable way, thus promoting the circular economy.