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EuroLCDs is a European SME, the manufacturer of the liquid crystal displays, specializing in the prototyping of novel display products and niche production of light shutters, diffusers and other photonic elements. It offers manufacturing capabilities within more than 1800 m2 large clean room facility using automated liquid-crystal display processing line.

The manufacturing operation of EuroLCDs mostly is in tandem with the linked group company HansaMatrix. HansaMatrix has a PCB and electronics contract manufacturing plant next to EuroLCDs. EuroLCDs production line was used for the mass production of European automotive displays in Babenhausen, Germany until 2011, when it was moved to Latvia and transformed into pilot line for novel display types, including but not limited to, tunable liquid crystal lenses for headlights, smart car windows and 3D volumetric and Augmented Reality car infotainment system.

EuroLCDs will dismantle displays (current models and under development) and in first step will investigate liquid crystal mixture reclaiming options. The remaining parts (e.g., ITO glass, flexible connectors and PCBs), containing CRMs will be shipped to partners for extraction. If suitable quantity of metals is extracted (e.g., Ag, Au, In, Sn oxide), they can be processed into PVD sputtering targets. Display materials will be manufactured by using these targets, and new displays from recovered metals will be produced at validation stage