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Estonia registered, operating EU-wide and beyond. It is a community-driven not-for-profit research institute. Edgeryders provides expert advice and community engagement based on collective intelligence, as a service to corporate and governmental organisations.

It develops and deploys community-building tools and cutting-edge research techniques to detect, aggregate and analyse citizen innovation in response to key societal, economic, ecological and political challenges. Driven by a people centric approach, we engage and connect citizens in its active, global community of civic enthusiasts, social innovators, activists, makers, technologists, artists and consumers.

The Edgeryders online interactive platform is hosted on open-source software and open for anyone to join. In everything we do, we maintain a culture of openness and transparency.

By fostering collaboration on a massive scale, we can wire seemingly isolated initiatives and unique points of view towards a theory of change backed by solid scientific arguments and ultimately aspiring to contribute to more grounded European public policy. We are consistently working in Europe at transnational level, reaching the periphery and overall building a network that spans the globe.

Throughout all this, our organisation can infuse projects with high quality knowledge stemming from the latest trends in professional, social, geographic mobility, community driven welfare, youth transition and many other hot topics in Europe.

In TREASURE, Edgeryders lead WP2 and has significant role in WP4 and will apply Social Semantic Network Analysis (SSNA). Edgeryders role in the project is creating a community-driven model of addressing social aspects related with circular design practices. Through a large scale online conversation, we want to develop new knowledge on how CE plays out in society, economy and everyday life, the points of view of the people directly affected by CE, and improvement of the SSNA methodology.