CIRCE Institute


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Alicia Valero

Guiomar Calvo

Yolanda Lara


CIRCE Institute was founded in 2009 to create a powerful link between the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR) and CIRCE Foundation (FCIRCE), with the solid aims of promoting research and technological development, as well as its dissemination; and of catalyzing innovation in the energy field, respecting scientific values and principles and seeking the sustainability of natural resources.

In short, its foundational and core aim is to examine and work for the future of energy in Aragon by identifying and analyzing opportunities and threats, developing useful knowledge for the people and the planet; and training professionals beyond the academic context.

Our activities can be included in four main areas: Resources efficiency, Sustainability, renewable energy, formation.

Essentially, CIRCE Institute is a prism with several interrelated faces designed to address current and future social problems associated to renewable energies, resources efficiency and sustainability by stimulating connections among companies, governments, R&D institutions and universities while training highly qualified professionals.

Hence, linking Aragon with the world and the world with Aragon. In this line, up to date, thousands of people from all continents have been part of the CIRCE Institute as researchers, workers or students; and hundreds of doctoral theses, research papers and projects –European, national, regional and private – have been developed.