TREASURE was presented in the hybrid-conference entitled “Vehicle Inspection and Society: Beyond Technology”

On 26th September our colleague Eugenio Fernández Cáceres, an inspection Site Manager from Red Itevelesa and Universidad de Zaragoza, participated in a hybrid-conference entitled “Vehicle Inspection and Society: Beyond Technology” jointly hosted by The International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee and the EU2023ES to discuss the importance of measuring NOx emissions in the PTI.

The event was held in L42 Business Center & Workspaces, Brussels where PTI experts, governmental officials, and industry stakeholders gathered to explore the multifaceted dimensions of vehicle inspection, pushing beyond just the technological considerations to unravel its societal and environmental significance.

Key takeaways from the Conference were safety, environmental responsibility, economic implications, and global standards. The primary objective remains the safety of citizens. Efficient vehicle inspection ensures fewer road mishaps, and plays a pivotal role in environmental conservation, ensuring vehicles emit within permissible limits.

In conclusion, the “Vehicle Inspection and Society: Beyond Technology” conference reiterated the importance of seeing vehicle inspections not as an isolated technical procedure but as a process deeply ingrained in societal, economic, and environmental matrices.

You can access the program CITA event by clicking on the following link: Program CITA event with Spain EU 26 September 2023

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